The most common type of siding is vinyl, though we have installed wood and other products as well. We make sure your job is quality, so we check to be sure your house is properly wrapped before siding. Most often we use Tyvek wrap, which aids in prevention of water leakage. We install fascia and use a metal break to bend flashing around windows or to wrap posts to match siding and gutters. There is a great deal of water damage in this area, so we get a surplus of calls regarding water leaks around doors, windows and cosmetic enhancements around the house. Typically we pull off the siding to inspect the area and may have to replace rotted wood, reseal the area and reapply the siding or in some cases replace the windows. Azek is a product that we commonly use to replace weathered, spoiled wood. It is made of PVC, is extremely durable and is moisture and insect resistant. Communication is always the key and we relay any information to the customer first, before repair. In cases where the customer is out of town, we correspond through phone calls, emails and pictures.